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Oratory Windows
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The oratory has recently been redecorated.  Above shows a picture of how it used to look and below are pictures of how it looks now.  The most notable changes are the replacement of pews with chairs, the reduction of the breadth of the reredos and the insertion of a stained-glass window over the main door depicting the recently beatified Blessed Pio.  Click on parts of the photo below to view close-ups of various aspects of the oratory.




This painting of Our Lady depicts her in the traditional dress of an Irishwoman in times past.



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In one of the alcoves on the left-hand side of the church is this statue of Saint Francis of Assisi embracing the crucified Christ.




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In one of the alcoves on the right-hand side of the church is this painting of Blessed Padre Pio commission during recent redecoration.





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This is the coat of arms of the Franciscan Order set in marble that adorns the front of the altar.  It is not visible in the main picture because of the Easter garden, but can normally to be seen during the ordinary season of the year.


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